What Makes You Feel Zealous?


Synonyms: fervent, ardent, fervid, fanatical, passionate, impassioned, devout, devoted, committed, dedicated, hard-core, enthusiastic, eager

There are things in everyone’s life that evoke passion and dedication in a person. You make a commitment to these things because you believe in them and have a love for them that drives your enthusiasm. I’m passionate about family, my religion, teaching and helping children, standing up for people who can’t stand up for themselves, and writing.

I’m sure there are more things that elicit zeal in me, but these came to mind immediately, so I feel they are what I’m most passionate about.

What elicits that passionate, zealous feeling in you?

What Makes You Feel Youthful?


“Age is just a number.”

“You’re only as old as you feel.”

We’ve all heard these sayings, but still can get stuck on that number or give in to any ache or pain and blame it on our age. Sometimes I feel older than my years, which really gets me down.

How can we solve these problem? Do activities that make you feel young again. Some things I do to recapture my youth are:

1. Do a fun craft or activity or just color in a coloring book. I work with first graders so it’s easy to get away with this one.
2. Go to an ice cream parlor and order whatever I want without worrying about the calories.
3. Play a board game or cards with my kids.
4. Dress in something fun and youthful, without being inappropriate.
5. Listen to upbeat music and dance.

What do you do to recapture that youthful feeling?

Emotional X-Ray


For the “A to Z Challenge” this month, I’ve been examining the causes of emotions, an emotional x-ray of sorts. Looking deeper into what elicits certain feelings has given me a clearer picture of who I am inside. This journey has also given me an interesting way to develop and deepen my characters.

What have you gotten out of the “A to Z Challenge”? What strategies do you use when developing characters for your stories?

What Are You Wishful For?


wishful – having or expressing a desire or hope for something to happen.

There are many things I wish for, but I think I pray for them more than wish. These include things on a worldwide basis, things for people I know, and things for my family and myself. Some wishes, or prayers, are answered and some are not. Some come on their own timeline rather than mine. But in my heart, I feel that the things I wish for will only happen if it is meant to be.

Childhood wishes were usually accompanied by some sort of action to help the make it more possible for the wish to come true like blowing on a “wish stick” and watching those tiny white feathery seeds float through the air. Or crossing fingers and toes and legs and arms while making the wish. Other wishes were made when blowing out birthday candles or an eyelash. Then there’s the Thanksgiving tradition of making a wish by yanking on the wishbone of the turkey.

There are many more traditions and processes people follow when making a wish they hope will come true.

What are some things you wish for and how do you make that wish?

Are You Venturesome?


ven┬Ěture┬Ěsome — adjective
1.willing to take risks or embark on difficult or unusual courses of action.

Most of the time, I play it safe. Keeping my life calm and on a steady path is how I like to spend my days. Taking risks was something for my younger years. However, there’s a certain rewarding feeling that comes when you take a risk or difficult road and it pays off. The sense of accomplishment and vindication when you reach the other side is unparalleled.

Putting myself out there with my writing is a huge risk for me, as I’m sure it is for many writers. It took me a long time to even tell people that I write. And don’t even get me started on sending out that first query or attending my first writing conference. Those things still make me uncomfortable.

On the other hand, I’ve grown as a person and a writer since putting myself out there. I’ve met some great people and learned a lot about the craft and the business. If I am going to be true to myself and my goals for my writing, I’m going to have to take some risks and become a venturesome person or the wonderful possibilities will disappear and I will never move forward.

Are you a venturesome person? What holds you back from taking those risks or that difficult course of action?

Things That Make You Feel Uplifted


Sometimes life gets so hectic it can be overwhelming and lead to anxiety or depression because it’s all so difficult to handle. We all need a little “pick-me-up” at times and it’s important to recognize this need and try to fulfill it so that you can refuel and carry on with what needs to be done.

When I start to feel weighed down or overwhelmed, there are a few things I try to uplift my spirits and get back on track.

1. Listen to some upbeat music and dance
2. Read a book that I’ve previously read and know that I love
3. Count my blessings
4. Do something fun and relaxing with my family
5. Pray
6. Write
7. Watch a funny movie or television show

What do you do to uplift your spirits?

What Are Your Talents?


We all have something we are good at doing, our talents. For some it’s a creative endeavor such as playing an instrument, writing poetry, or painting. For others it can be physical like playing a sport well. Some may be talented at math, organizing, public speaking, or cooking.

As a teacher, I have a variety of personalities in my classroom and each child comes to me with different strengths and talents. I teach my students to celebrate these differences and focus on what each person is good at doing. I encourage each child to use their talents to help others develop skills to become the best they can at something.

The people I work with also have various talents and we use this to our advantage to accomplish tasks we are given. I’m the writer in the group. Anytime something needs to be written, I’m usually the one to do it and I enjoy this responsibility. Others take on the roles that highlight their strengths and we are very efficient as a group because of this.

We are all talented at something. What are your talents and how do you use them in your life?

Are You A Sentimental Person?


I’m not usually a sentimental person. There are very few things I feel the need to hold onto because I can’t stand clutter. Throwing items away and cleaning and organizing my space is more my style. Now that’s not to say that there aren’t some things I’m very sentimental about, but they are few. I’m sentimental about my children and keep many of the projects, papers, and certificates of achievement from their school years, not to mention tons of photos that were taken before the digital age exploded.
I also am sentimental about items from my wedding that hold special meaning and pictures of special family events. Beyond that, I don’t feel the need to keep cluttering my space with items from the past.

My husband and sons are the opposite. My son has gone so far as to keep the paper wrapping from a straw for some bizarre reason that I’m sure made complete sense to him. I do a lot of covert cleaning when they’re not around and they never miss something I’ve gotten rid of without their knowledge. I wouldn’t ever throw anything away that has special meaning to them, but we would need another house just for their stuff if I allowed them to keep everything.

Are you a sentimental person? What things have sentimental value to you?

Things That Make You Feel Renewed


We all fall into a funk sometimes. That “blah” feeling washes over us and we go through the motions in life without really living. I’ve been experiencing this feeling lately, even though I’ve made several attempts to shake myself out of it.

Lucky for me, spring is the ideal time to snap out of this negative feeling. This weekend, I had the opportunity to focus on some of the things that renew my spirit.

1. The Easter holiday, which is my absolute favorite, always gives me a sense of peace and revitalization. The flowers, the religious meanings, the family gatherings, and the improving weather all lift my spirits and make me feel better about life.
2. Making time to work on my writing or any project that is in progress helps me feel like I’m moving forward and accomplishing something.
3. Getting my house ready for the spring season by cleaning or putting out different decorations helps make my home feel refreshed which in turn makes me feel the same.

What helps you feel renewed and refreshed?

Things That Make You Quiver


Quivering can occur as a result of several emotional responses. It can happen when you’re scared, angry, excited, happy, or nervous. I quiver uncontrollably when I’m nervous. It’s an unpleasant physical response that is difficult to control. I’ve tried deep breathing exercises, meditating, and distraction techniques but nothing ceases the shaking. Avoiding situations that make me feel this way, which isn’t always possible, is the only solution for me.

What makes you quiver and are you able to overcome this emotional reaction when it occurs?

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