Fiction Writers Can Develop Awesome Online Platforms, Too

I always thought nonfiction writers had an easier job of creating an online platform. They would simply research and post information about their topic. Those who had similar interests would read and-“shazam!!”-you have an online platform. Of course it isn’t that easy, but you know what I’m saying.
It’s more difficult for fiction writers. We don’t have one particular topic or theme we base our writings upon. Although research can often be a huge part of our process, it’s not usually the overall focus for a fictional book. How do we as fiction writers build our platform? The link to the post below will give you some great suggestions to help you.

Are you using any of the strategies in this post? What are you doing to build your online platform as a fiction writer?

Yes, Fiction Writers Can Develop Awesome Online Platforms, Too.

1 Comment

  1. After four years of being online and three books, if I haven’t figured it out, I never will. Shall read it for more tips, because I can always use them.

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