Free Writing Cheat Sheet

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Writing is a different process for each person. Some people must outline and do character sketches before they begin a writing piece. Others sit and start typing whatever pops into their head, then organize and edit later. Whatever your system may be, there are rules that we can either decide to follow or break to make our writing the best it can be.

I, for the most part, am a rule follower. Organization and checklists give me a sense of comfort and control. There are times, though, that I want to throw all that out and go with my gut. It must be freeing to write whatever comes to mind in a natural, organic way.

So I guess I’m a rule follower who longs to be brave enough to be a rule breaker. But that may take some time and a lot of courage for me to attempt. In the mean time, I downloaded and printed this writing cheat sheet from the link below to help with my writing. I hope you find something useful on this list.

Free Writing Cheat Sheet – GalleyCat.

Are you a rule follower or a rule breaker? What writing process works for you?


  1. Maribeth

    You know I’m not a rule follower. Lol. Nice post

    • Maribeth

      Thanks for the cheat sheet!

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