Personality Test

This was a fun little something I came across weeks ago. I wanted to share it, but other blog posts came to me at that time and I put this on the back burner.
Trees are so interesting to me. They’re a life force that is so important to our world. It’s easy to take for granted everything a single tree does for our world.
You may not agree with me, but take a moment to think about it. Trees clean the air we breath. They provide homes for animals. Many products we use every day come from trees. Some trees provide food. On a hot, sunny day, a big tree gives a shady area to cool down. It’s a play spot, a home base in a game of tag, something to climb when you were young, or a dear friend that becomes a huge part of childhood memories.
I’m sure there’s more. These are just off the top of my head. What does this have to do with the personality test? Well this test involves choosing a tree to determine your personality traits.
Remember, this is for fun and entertainment. But I must say that my choice was spot on to my personality.
Click the link below and find out if it works for you. Then come back and let me know your results. Have fun!

Personality Test.


  1. Maribeth

    I love trees and personality tests. I picked tree 5 and thought the comments were very true to who I am. What tree did u pick?

    • I also picked number 5. I didn’t want to put that in the post and sway anyone’s decision. There were two others I really liked also, but the test says don’t overthink it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Thank you for sharing the personality test. I did it and felt it was very accurate to me. Mine was #1.

    I’m visiting from the Insecure Writers Support Group. 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting Chris. I’m glad you had fun with the personality test.

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