Rules For Writing

Many writers make rules for themselves to stay on track. I came across Henry Miller’s writing rules at the link listed below. I’m working on developing some rules for myself to help increase and improve my writing in 2014. I’d love to hear any great ideas that have helped you with your writing goals.
Do you use any from this list? What else do you do?
I’ll be posting my rule list once it is developed. Hopefully it will help me become a more successful writer in the new year!

Henry Miller’s 11 Rules For Writing – GalleyCat.


  1. Good stuff, but I’m uncertain about #8.

    • I’m not too sure about #8 either. I don’t see myself following these rules, but adjusting them to work for me. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Reblogged this on The Infinite Abyss(es) and commented:
    Thank you, Renee, for posting this. I’m re-blogging this as a reminder for next year. A few things to keep in mind for this upcoming year.

    Some may not agree with the last post, but writing is essentially work. I’m not one to put aside friends, but when work has to be done… well, work has to be done.

    • Thanks for stopping by and reblogging this post. I’m glad you found it helpful. Writing definitely is a lot of work and many times it’s a labor of love. If you don’t love doing it, there’s a huge possibility you’ll give up when met with the obstacles. I don’t put aside friends or family for writing. But I have to find a routine that allows me to write every day. I hope you find one that works for you.

  3. mary taitt

    I like this! I want to make my own version. It seems to contain some contradictions, LOL, don;t we all.

    • Thanks for dropping by Mary. The list does contain some contradictions, it’s part of the reason I found it so interesting and wanted to share. I’m busy developing a list that I hope will work for me. I’d love to know what your list includes.

  4. Reblogged this on A Common Place and commented:
    I think Henry’s commandments finds a common place for writer’s. Thanks Renee. You cost me my first book for 2014. You and Irene.

    • The list does find a common place for writers and provides a great foundation for developing commandments that can work for you. Thanks for reading, commenting, and reblogging.

  5. I haven’t read his work. After seeing his commandments, I’ve put reading him on my 2014 to-do list. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  1. Procrastination | Reflections and Nightmares- Irene A Waters (writer and memoirist)

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