Writing Rules

The above rules are from a previous post. I’ve since developed a list of my own rules to keep my writing on track this year.

Writing Rules

1. Write every day!
2. Stay focused on one project!
3. Don’t close the door on other inspired stories. Jot ideas down for another time.
4. Work according to the program and mood. Stop and take breaks when needed.
5. When creating isn’t inspired, research weak areas and keep working on becoming a better writer.
6. Keep something to take notes nearby at all times. Inspiration strikes at the most unusual moments (Haven’t figured out what I’m going to do about the shower yet. Any ideas?).
7. Stay in touch with reality. Go out and enjoy the real world every now and then.
8. Give incentives…somthing to work towards provides motivation. When I reach a goal, I’ll buy myself a treat to celebrate!
9. Allow a day off if needed, but get back on track the next day.
10. Writing first! Social media and internet exploration comes after.

What rules do you follow to keep yourself focused on writing or any other task you want to complete?

1 Comment

  1. Maribeth

    Nice post. My motto is don’t think about doing it just do it. Hopefully I will continue to go strong throughout the year! 🙂

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