How To Build A Fictional World

Building a fictional world and spending time there, figuratively speaking, is a task I sometimes struggle with when creating a new story. Contemporary fiction comes easier to me. But I have several ideas for stories that take place partly in fictional worlds. The stories call for combining contemporary elements with fantastical concepts of a world that exists in my mind. I’m faced with the challenge of developing these images so that the world in my mind can form the setting for my characters and be a place that makes sense to readers.
In my quest to find assistance with this task, I came across several wonderful tools to help me. I started with this video by Kate Messner as a starting point. The information has inspired ideas that will help me create a fictional world that my characters can live in and my readers can get caught up in when reading my story.

Have you ever struggled when creating the world that exists in your mind? What strategies do you use to make your world come alive and be believable?


  1. I go with detail, and the five senses– each action described in those terms.

    • Excellent tip…I do the same thing. It’s an important exercise to help your reader see what you do in your mind. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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