The Power Of A Good Book


I was recently asked on a social media site to list ten books that have had an impact on me. Maybe it was great characters or a story line that had an impact. Part of this activity was to not think too hard about it. Well, when it comes to books, that’s almost impossible for me to do.
My instincts screamed at me to list books in different categories. There are children’s books that I love and have bought for my children so they will have them. There are middle grade novels I read for school that shaped that part of my life. Then there are the books I’ve read in my adult life that have characters and story lines that still dance around in my thoughts. Lastly, there are books that have changed the way I look at life and how I live it.
How can I choose only ten books? Impossible!
The other issue I came up against was wanting to explain my reasons for picking the books on the list. I wouldn’t be comfortable merely listing the titles. When I’m passionate about a book, I want to explain why so that others may be enticed to read the work as well.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t complete this task, but still want to share the stories that have influenced me or stuck with me over the years. I will chose one book each month this year and explain why it is included on my list. I will then give that book to one lucky commenter.
The first book will be listed this week. What books have you read that have stayed with you? I’d love to hear what would be on your list.


  1. I completed that challenge a month or so ago on a Facebook group page, Renee, and it was not easy. I look forward to discovering your choices, one-by-one.

    • I give you credit for being able to complete the task. I can’t wait to share my picks and hope you’ll come back and share some of yours as well.

  2. Maribeth

    I do believe this would be a hard task. I have so many books I have loved for so many different reasons. I always find Mitch Albom books make me look at like differently. They are easy reads but I often walk away looking at life through a different set of eyes. Can’t wait to see the books you list.

    • I’ll be sharing my first book soon. It’s something I read a few years ago and I still think about it a lot. I hope you’ll come back and share some more of your favorite books and authors.

  3. I answer your question more generally.

    Why We Read:

    Would love your thoughts. =)

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