Things That Make You Say “AWW”


This is my first year participating in the A to Z Challenge and I must say I’m bit nervous and excited. To make a commitment to writing a blog post each day (excluding Sundays) can be daunting and overwhelming. As April 1st approached, the panic grew. Do I use a theme? Should I fly by the seat of my pants? Can I possibly come up with something to write about every day? These emotions inspired me!

In an effort to get to know the characters in my stories better, I’ve started using a quick, fun exercise I call emotion emitters. I write down an emotion or reaction and list events that would cause this for my character. It sort of reminds me of that pyramid game (and now I’m showing my age I’m sure) where the players have to figure out what category a group of words fits into.

For the letter “A”, let’s go with things that make you say “AWW”. I’ve listed five of mine below, but there are much more.

1. A cute baby, puppy, or kitten. (Obvious one, right?)
2. When a person thinks of me by doing something small like getting me my favorite drink or my favorite dessert. (Decaf tea with cream and sugar and blueberry pie, in case anyone’s wondering.)
3. An older couple walking with each other hand-in-hand. (I imagine their love is stronger than the day they met, which could have been a week ago but in my mind it’s at least fifty years.)
4. When a guy writes a song or poem or just does something sweet for a girl. (Swoon worthy for sure!)
5. A child, especially a teenager, showing love for their parents or siblings by giving them a hug. (These sightings are rare.)

So, what makes you say “AWW”?


  1. Maribeth

    Nice post. When I see my children do something like hug ( mainly the youngest two) because they are happy to see each other I definitely say aw!

  2. Welcome to the A to Z Challenge. What makes me say Aww–easy, when my daughter writes me a poem or makes me breakfast in bed for my birthday.

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