Things Tat Make You Cringe


When I’m writing a scene, there are times my characters experience something that make them cringe. This reaction can be caused by a variety of things for different people. I came across the link below where people shared their experiences of things that make them cringe. There are a few things on the list that I would never think of, but I can see why they elicit this reaction. If you have a moment, check it out. There is definitely some bizarre stuff on the list and maybe one or two that I wish I never read.”>

Things that make me cringe:
1. A child wiggling their loose tooth. I imagine the last few roots ripping themselves away from the gum. Ugh, gets me every time. (My first graders love to see my reaction and constantly show me how their loose tooth wiggles and bleeds.)
2. That first bite of ice cream when it hits your teeth. (This one, of course, doesn’t stop me from actually eating the ice cream. I get over it quickly.)
3. Saying something I know I shouldn’t, but it just comes out anyway. (I actually cringe as the words are leaving my mouth and then immediately say “I shouldn’t have said that out loud”. It happens more as I get older. I wonder why that is.)
4. Seeing someone get hurt, especially when I know it’s going to happen and I can’t stop it. (I especially hate videos where people think it’s funny when someone gets hurt. I cringe just thinking about it.)
5. Certain sounds like marker on construction paper or lead pencil on a paper or chalk on a chalkboard. (Hmm, I hear these things every day in my job as a teacher. Did I pick the wrong profession or what?)

What are some of the things that make you cringe? After reading the website above, I’m not sure I want to know, but it gives me ideas for some interesting traits for characters.


  1. Maribeth

    I think you have one of my favorite themes this year. Things that make me cringe, hmm the one thing coming to mind is because I’m in the casino business watching people put the last of their money on a bet hoping to double their funds. Sometimes it works out but more often it does not. It makes me cringe to watch them lose their money and to imagine the desperation flooding their souls when they watch it go away.

  2. lexacain

    I never really thought of things that make me cringe, but your list certainly does. Your first graders have quite the sense of humor!
    (I followed you on WP)
    Lexa Cain’s Blog

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