Things That Make You Blush


When I was younger, many things would make me blush. It isn’t so easily done these days, not that I’m complaining. That heat rising to your face and the pink cheeks that intensify in color when someone points out that your face is turning red is not a feeling I enjoy.

Two things that can STILL make me blush are being embarrassed in a public place and people calling attention to me in a crowd of people I’m not comfortable with. The list used to be much longer and I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but I’m more comfortable and confident with myself that this reaction isn’t as common anymore.

Is there something that never fails to make you blush?


  1. Maribeth

    I really like your theme. Compliments always make me blush. I feel much more comfortable giving a compliment rather than receiving one.

    • I used to blush at compliments too. If someone really focuses on something about me, I still do blush. But a quick drive-by compliment does not elicit the same reaction.

  2. Before I read Maribeth’s comment I was thinking the same thing – compliments make me blush but not in an uncomfortable way.
    Is blushing always to do with being embarrassed? I’m not sure …?
    Garden of Eden Blog

    • I think there are other reasons you can blush besides being embarrassed. I’m sure it depends on the person and ho they react to certain situations. It’s a chemistry thing I think, but I’m no scientist.

  3. I blush when I realize I’m wrong. I really hate when that happens. I also flush bright red when facing any type of public confrontation. (Confronting someone for cutting in line, bad service, etc.). I blush at compliments…I’m never sure what to do with them. And I flush red when I imbibe alcoholic beverages, which makes people thing I’m blushing.

    • I know quite a few people who lush red when thy partake of the spirits and they look like they are blushing. Public confrontation or any attention I get from a group of people ‘m not comfortable with always makes my cheeks turn red.

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