Things You Envy


It’s human nature to envy what others have or what you think they have. We all experience struggles in life, no matter what we let others see of ourselves. Envy is a wasted emotion because what others have doesn’t change what you’ve accomplished or who you are. And yet, it sneaks up on you and you can’t help but fight the envious feelings. It could be something small like wanting someone’s cool new hairstyle or great pair of shoes to envying someone’s success in their career or finances.

This emotion runs rampant when we’re younger, especially our teen years when we so desperately long to be accepted and want what others have. For some it fades as we age, for others it intensifies. There are very few things I envy, and I’m not even sure what I feel about this short list could be classified as envy. I accept who I am and the life I’ve created for myself. I don’t find myself envious of others, but more seeing what I want for myself and my life, setting goals, and working hard to reach them.

So rather than list things people envy, I’d like to leave you with a few quotes I’ve found that help solidify my feelings about this emotion.








  1. It is just crazy how much I hear jealous used in place of envy in TV dialogue and in speech all around me.

    • That’s very true. Jealousy is very prominent in our society. Hopefully, people will,at some point in their lives, be content with who they are an what they have.

  2. Maribeth

    I’ve never been an envious person. I’m sure at some point in my life I was envious of another person (probably when I was a heavy teenager) but now I recognize the blessings in my own life. Even shortcomings can be blessings.

  3. It takes a confident, strong person to not be envious of others. I’m sure it’s an emotion we have all experienced at one time or another. How we react to that is what’s important.

  4. Thanks Renee great post. There’s a difference between jealousy and envy .. envy is I think less harmful than jealousy. The quotes are great thank you!

    Garden of Eden Blog

    • Both can be harmful, depending on how you deal with these emotions. Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you like he quotes.

  5. One of the deadly sins: envy.

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