Things That Make You Feel Fortunate


There are a few “F” emotions that piqued my interest when writing this post. I had a difficult time choosing which one I would do. Among them are frightful, frustrated, frantic, and foolish. But I decided to write about something related to my “E” entry, envy, and talk about things that make us feel fortunate. Rather than fixating on what others have that you want, list the things that make you a fortunate person and that envy melts away.

It’s easy to focus on the negative things in life rather than the good. We deal with small and large obstacles and problems every day. Our focus is on these events and situations because we have to work to overcome them. In all that hard work, our good fortune sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.
Last year my writing partner let me borrow a book called “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. It gives a series of exercises you complete over thirty days that focuses on what you are thankful for in your life. Being grateful for the things you have then creates a more positive attitude, thus making you aware of the multitude of good fortune in your life. I highly recommend reading the book and working through the steps.

There are so many things in my life that make me feel fortunate.
1. A huge, wonderful family that gives love and support.
2. My health (such as it may be at times)
3. My home
4. My job
5. A loving husband who is my partner and best friend.

That’s just a sampling. The list goes on and on because I often choose to focus on the reasons I am fortunate rather than the obstacles in my life.

What things in your life make you feel fortunate?


  1. I feel fortunate to be able to read blogs such as yours. It’s truly inspiring when folks write blogs to lift others spirits and help share their positive feelings…there are good people in the world – you’re counted in the ranks.
    Thank you,

    • Thank you AnnMarie for your very kind words. I’m fortunate to have wonderful readers like you that take the time to read my word and make a comment.

      • You’re most certainly welcome just keep sending that positivity out into the blogosphere and hopefully everyone can catch some 🙂
        Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Maribeth

    The Magic really can change the way you see life. I’m so fortunate. I’m fortunate to have all my limbs, be able to hear,see,love,dream. I’m fortunate to have such an awesome family, beautiful children, God,a job. I think I can go on and on. Lol. I’m happy to be fortunate.

    • It’s important to remember to be thankful for hose things in life that we all take for granted, like some you’ve listed here. Those of us who are healthy and have the ability to do such things s hear ad see sometimes forget that there are many who cannot. These are the great fortunes in life.

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