Thing That GiveYou Goosebumps


When my oldest son was growing up, he loved to read the books and watch the show “Goosebumps”. Some of the stories freaked me out, but many were pretty interesting. Getting goosebumps is a physical reaction to an event, hearing a story, or feeling an emotion that makes tiny bumps appear on your arms and legs. For me, it’s accompanied by a chill that travels up my spine.

Some things that give me goosebumps are:
1. When I hear a story of something that happened to a person in real life that is horrible or unbelievable.
2. My husband telling me he loved me for the first time.
3. Anytime I’m cold.
4. Someone telling me a scary story, even if I know it isn’t real. I’m a chicken sometimes, actually a lot.

What are some things that cause those tiny little bumps to appear on your skin?


  1. Maribeth

    Wow so weird I was thinking what your g post would be today and I thought maybe goosebumps. Neat!
    I get goosebumps when I hear or read a story where someone shares stories of how they coonected with a loved one who passed.
    A cool unexpected breeze also gives me goosebumps. Nice post

    • Oh, I hope I’m not getting predictable. It is pretty neat you predicted the subject of this post. I think I might get you with “H” though. Stories of connecting with loved ones who passed also gives me goosebumps.

  2. Too cold, sure, Renee, but that includes the shivers.

    I consider it goosebumps when it’s for something that moves me in an extremely positive way. A great song played live. A story of personal triumph. My team winning the World Series (I’m a Mets fan, so twice only on that one.)

    Frightening or horrible things don’t give me the little flesh bumps.

    Did you ever watch ‘American Idol’ with Jennifer Lopez as judge? She calls them “the goosies.” I think that’s a cute label.

    • Oh I do like “the goosies”. That’s cute.

  3. I remember the goosebumps books and show. I get goosebumps when I’m nervous, like being out alone in the dark in a poorly lit area. Creepy.

    • I sometimes get goosebumps when I’m nervous too, but it depends on what I’m nervous about. Creepy tings definitely give me goosebumps.

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