Things That Bring You Joy


Life can be hectic at times and we often get caught up in the daily grind that keeps us busy and wears us down. We sometimes forget that there are many things in life that can fill us with joy if we slow down and take the time to experience them. We also need to recognize times when we aren’t happy and take steps to turn that around.

Go to this link to find out steps you can take to bring joy into your life.

There are many things that bring me joy:
1. Sitting down with my family for a meal. We all have different schedules and this is so rare that it makes me happy when we can be together like this.
2. Having a date night with my husband, also a rare treat, helps us stay connected.
3. Spending time writing always makes me feel true to my creative side and brings me great joy.
4. As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve recently started painting and find that it makes me happy to create something. Anytime I’m doing something creative, whether it’s with my children, my students, or by myself, I feel relaxed and happy.
5. When a struggling student finally learns a concept, their excitement and accomplishment brings me great joy!

Like many of the other emotions I write about, this list can go on and on. I’m learning to appreciate the small, every day events in life that make me happy and bring joy to my day.

What things bring joy to your life?


  1. Here are some things that bring me joy:
    1) Spending time with my hubby
    2) Spending time with my small people
    3) Watching my small people enjoy something they do – soccer, ballet, softball, etc.

    AJ’s AtoZ wHooligan
    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

  2. Maribeth

    Family definitely brings me joy. It’s cookout season and you know how much we love being in our backyards with our families. Writing of course brings me joy and meeting people that share my sense of humor brings me tons of joy.

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