Things That Make You Nervous


Sweaty palms. Butterflies fluttering in your stomach. Rapidly beating heart. Hands shaking.

We’ve all felt these unpleasant sensations at one time or another when faced with an event or task that makes us nervous. When it’s over, there’s an unparalleled sense of relief. I try to psych myself out of being nervous by not focusing on what’s making me feel this way. But my body is never fooled. My physical reaction overrides my mental thoughts and nervousness prevails.

Some things that make me nervous include:

1. Public speaking
2. Confrontation
3. The first day of school
4. A meeting or gathering where I’m the center of attention

Nervousness is a part of life and you can not escape the things that make you feel this way. But you can work through it and enjoy the relief on the other side.

What makes you nervous? Is there something you do that helps when you feel this way?


  1. Maribeth

    I get nervous when I watch my children play sports. I want them to do well but I also fear they will get hurt. I remember feeling nervous when I was younger and that certain boy would walk into a room.

    • Yes certain people can elicit that response. I sometimes get nervous when my boss walks into the room.

  2. I don’t like public speaking either. There is a line from a deodorant commercial that reassures me when I have to do things I’m nervous about = “It’s okay to perspire, but never let them see you sweat.” I often use that line to motivate myself and it works.

    • I remember that commercial. Good mantra!

  3. Did you know that Fear of Public Speaking ranks higher than Fear of Death for things people fear? People would rather die than speak in public. It makes me nervous too.

    • I didn’t know that but totally believe it.

  4. I spent a couple of years in Toastmasters, so public speaking is almost stress free. I addressed an EPA conference a few years back with no problems (other than having to write my speech and get the slides and reservations on 3 days notice). Toastmasters is a lot of fun.

    Reading notes on my screenplay gets me nervous, especially the vague, ill-defined comments.

    Confrontation is never fun; you just have to do it, sometimes. Usually, better now than later.

    Deadlines aren’t fun, either. Especially if you miss one.

    • Wow, I wish public speaking was stress-free for me. It’s so easy and natural for some people. I completely agree with you on confrontation and deadlines. Neither are pleasant but sometimes unavoidable.

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