Things That Make You Feel Renewed


We all fall into a funk sometimes. That “blah” feeling washes over us and we go through the motions in life without really living. I’ve been experiencing this feeling lately, even though I’ve made several attempts to shake myself out of it.

Lucky for me, spring is the ideal time to snap out of this negative feeling. This weekend, I had the opportunity to focus on some of the things that renew my spirit.

1. The Easter holiday, which is my absolute favorite, always gives me a sense of peace and revitalization. The flowers, the religious meanings, the family gatherings, and the improving weather all lift my spirits and make me feel better about life.
2. Making time to work on my writing or any project that is in progress helps me feel like I’m moving forward and accomplishing something.
3. Getting my house ready for the spring season by cleaning or putting out different decorations helps make my home feel refreshed which in turn makes me feel the same.

What helps you feel renewed and refreshed?


1 Comment

  1. Sleeping! Also, reading. Well, that’s boring, isn’t it? Too bad.

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