What Are Your Talents?


We all have something we are good at doing, our talents. For some it’s a creative endeavor such as playing an instrument, writing poetry, or painting. For others it can be physical like playing a sport well. Some may be talented at math, organizing, public speaking, or cooking.

As a teacher, I have a variety of personalities in my classroom and each child comes to me with different strengths and talents. I teach my students to celebrate these differences and focus on what each person is good at doing. I encourage each child to use their talents to help others develop skills to become the best they can at something.

The people I work with also have various talents and we use this to our advantage to accomplish tasks we are given. I’m the writer in the group. Anytime something needs to be written, I’m usually the one to do it and I enjoy this responsibility. Others take on the roles that highlight their strengths and we are very efficient as a group because of this.

We are all talented at something. What are your talents and how do you use them in your life?



  1. Maribeth

    I’d like to Think my talent is writing but I’m also very talented at procrastination ;).

  2. I hope my talent is writing. Nice to meet and connect through Atozchallenge http://aimingforapublishingdeal.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. I am thinking it’s writing!

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