Things That Make You Feel Uplifted


Sometimes life gets so hectic it can be overwhelming and lead to anxiety or depression because it’s all so difficult to handle. We all need a little “pick-me-up” at times and it’s important to recognize this need and try to fulfill it so that you can refuel and carry on with what needs to be done.

When I start to feel weighed down or overwhelmed, there are a few things I try to uplift my spirits and get back on track.

1. Listen to some upbeat music and dance
2. Read a book that I’ve previously read and know that I love
3. Count my blessings
4. Do something fun and relaxing with my family
5. Pray
6. Write
7. Watch a funny movie or television show

What do you do to uplift your spirits?


1 Comment

  1. I do a lot of those things too, and also sing along loudly (and probably off-key) to music. Singing solves a lot of stress. 🙂

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