What Are You Wishful For?


wishful – having or expressing a desire or hope for something to happen.

There are many things I wish for, but I think I pray for them more than wish. These include things on a worldwide basis, things for people I know, and things for my family and myself. Some wishes, or prayers, are answered and some are not. Some come on their own timeline rather than mine. But in my heart, I feel that the things I wish for will only happen if it is meant to be.

Childhood wishes were usually accompanied by some sort of action to help the make it more possible for the wish to come true like blowing on a “wish stick” and watching those tiny white feathery seeds float through the air. Or crossing fingers and toes and legs and arms while making the wish. Other wishes were made when blowing out birthday candles or an eyelash. Then there’s the Thanksgiving tradition of making a wish by yanking on the wishbone of the turkey.

There are many more traditions and processes people follow when making a wish they hope will come true.

What are some things you wish for and how do you make that wish?


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  1. Maribeth

    I love wishes and I always referred to them as “wish sticks” too. I wish for many things but like u realize that my wishes will only come true if they r meant. I wish to be a wildly successful author. I believe instead of keeping it to myself I should put it out there and let it fly with the seeds from the wish stick. 🙂

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