Things That Make You Proud


We all have things we can be proud of, and probably things we’re not to proud of, in our lives. When I do things I’m not particularly proud of, I try to use them as a lesson to adjust and change my actions as I move forward. We all make choices everyday and they may not always be the best, but focusing on mistakes is counterproductive. Learn and move on!

I strive to learn from my mistakes and make my actions something I can be proud of in the future. There are a few things in my life that I know I’ve done right and are a great source of pride for me.

1. My two children who are growing up to be wonderful young men. My pride is uncontainable when people in the community compliment them and it makes me feel so blessed.
2. Earning my master’s degree while working full time and having two young children at the time. Thank you hubby for the support!
3. Teaching children and helping to shape their lives is a huge responsibility that I’m proud to be a part of every day.

My accomplishments are not something I’ve achieved on my own. Family, friends, and colleagues are a huge part of the things I’m proud of in my life.

What are you proud of in your life?


Things That Offend You


I’m not easily offended. People have a right to their opinions and I find that they don’t affect me like they used to when I was younger. Some people say and do things specifically to get a reaction from you, even if it’s a negative one. I’m experiencing something right now in my life where I’m part of a group that’s not very liked at the moment and people are saying and doing things that may be construed as offensive. Others in my group are offended at their actions, but I’m not. They have a right to their opinion and as long as their comments are not made maliciously, I have no problem with them expressing their thoughts. They have the right to do this. It’s what’s so wonderful about living in our country.

If I’m offended by something in the media, I can change the channel or not read the newspaper or magazine where it’s found. There are ways to shut out the negative and focus on what you can control in your life.

One thing that still offends me is when people treat me like I’m stupid. This comes in several forms. They may try to make me like I don’t know what I’m talking about or be sneaky and try to get something by me that they shouldn’t. This bothers me and I have to refrain from negative reactions. I try to take a constructive approach when this happens to make that person aware that they can’t pull one over on me. It can be difficult, but so much more effective than lashing out, which is sometimes exactly what the other person want.
What things offend you? How do you react when you’re offended by something?

Things That Make You Nervous


Sweaty palms. Butterflies fluttering in your stomach. Rapidly beating heart. Hands shaking.

We’ve all felt these unpleasant sensations at one time or another when faced with an event or task that makes us nervous. When it’s over, there’s an unparalleled sense of relief. I try to psych myself out of being nervous by not focusing on what’s making me feel this way. But my body is never fooled. My physical reaction overrides my mental thoughts and nervousness prevails.

Some things that make me nervous include:

1. Public speaking
2. Confrontation
3. The first day of school
4. A meeting or gathering where I’m the center of attention

Nervousness is a part of life and you can not escape the things that make you feel this way. But you can work through it and enjoy the relief on the other side.

What makes you nervous? Is there something you do that helps when you feel this way?

Things That Make You Melancholy


My recent posts for the A to Z Blog Challenge have been focused on positive emotions. I try to stay positive everyday, but there are times when those negative feelings seep into your life. It can be caused by an unpleasant event, another person’s interaction with you, or just be a mood of the day.

When I woke up today, it was dark and gloomy outside my window. Rain battered against my roof. I struggled to get out of bed. To make things worse, I knew I had to face an unpleasant task today for work. I started the day feeling melancholy.

These are the types of days I want to pull the covers over my head and stay in bed all day. These are the days I don’t feel like being around other people and don’t feel like doing anything. These are the days I have to force myself to do even the simplest daily activities.

But, these are also the days I force myself to get out of bed and do something or think of something that is enjoyable. I may allow myself to wallow in sadness for a while, but then I do everything I can to snap out of it, especially if someone like my husband or coworkers point out this mood to me. Who wants to be around the sad person all day?

What things make you feel melancholy? What do you do to try to snap out of that feeling?

Things That Make You Feel Loved


Love is an emotion we all wanted directed our way. There are many types of love. There is the love someone has for their spouse, a parent, a sibling, or a friend. You can also love an object, like a car, house, book, or a food that is your favorite.

There are things people in my life do that make me feel loved. It’s a wonderful feeling and I try to make sure I show my love in return through my actions.

Some things that make me feel loved include:
1. Someone giving me a hug for no reason at all. I love it when my husband will pass by me in the house and just throw his arms around me. My youngest son witnessed this on several occasions and does it too because of his father’s example.
2. A person doing something kind for me, again with no prompting or special reason. It could be something like buying me a little trinket they know I would like or helping me with a task.
3. People coming to an event in my honor to celebrate with me, like a birthday or anniversary.

What makes you feel loved?

The Kindhearted


Have you ever met anyone who is truly kindhearted? I’m not taking about people who do kind things for others. Yes, there are kind people out here, but I’m talking about a step beyond this. When I refer to a kindhearted person, I’m talking about someone who has a pure heart and puts kindness towards others above all else, even when another person doesn’t treat them in the same way. A kindhearted person overlooks the flaws and inappropriate actions of people and considers the feelings of others. I’ve met a few of these people in my lifetime and it’s amazing how their pure heart shines through in their words and actions.

I strive to be a kindhearted person, but being kind and being kindhearted aren’t the same thing in my eyes. Kindhearted is a personality trait I believe you’re born with, like other parts of your personality. Sure life experiences and upbringing develop and nurture this trait, but it has to present in you to begin with.

Do you know anyone who is truly kindhearted? What are some of the characteristics of that person that you admire?

Things That Bring You Joy


Life can be hectic at times and we often get caught up in the daily grind that keeps us busy and wears us down. We sometimes forget that there are many things in life that can fill us with joy if we slow down and take the time to experience them. We also need to recognize times when we aren’t happy and take steps to turn that around.

Go to this link to find out steps you can take to bring joy into your life.

There are many things that bring me joy:
1. Sitting down with my family for a meal. We all have different schedules and this is so rare that it makes me happy when we can be together like this.
2. Having a date night with my husband, also a rare treat, helps us stay connected.
3. Spending time writing always makes me feel true to my creative side and brings me great joy.
4. As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve recently started painting and find that it makes me happy to create something. Anytime I’m doing something creative, whether it’s with my children, my students, or by myself, I feel relaxed and happy.
5. When a struggling student finally learns a concept, their excitement and accomplishment brings me great joy!

Like many of the other emotions I write about, this list can go on and on. I’m learning to appreciate the small, every day events in life that make me happy and bring joy to my day.

What things bring joy to your life?

Things That Inspire You


Inspiration can be found all around us if we’re willing to be open to it. It’s one of those emotions that bursts out of you, often without any warning, making you feel energized. This can result in the creation of a wonderful art piece or story. It can cause someone to start an organization or foundation to help others. It can be the catalyst for self-improvement. The list of the results of an inspirational event are endless.

Some things that inspire me:
1. Reading a good book about characters I instantly connect to inspire me to write and become better at the craft.
2. Seeing someone who is challenged overcome their obstacles and work hard to achieve what they want in life.
3. A movie that shows the strength and positive actions of people.
4. My children and family inspire me to want to be a good person.
5. I recently picked up painting as a hobby because I find it relaxes me and inspires my creativity which helps my writing.

What inspires you?

Things That Humble You


For my “H” emotion in the “A to Z Blog Challenge”, I was tempted to take the easy way out and do “happy”. There are many things in this world that make me feel happy and I’m grateful for those and try to focus on them to stay positive.

But I like to challenge myself and decided to tackle an emotion that may not be practiced too often, humility. There are many fables and stories I read to my first grade class that teach the lesson of being humble. We talk about bragging and boasting and my students, at the ages of six and seven, realize that the characters who do this always have a negative consequence in the story. But I often wonder if this lesson stays with them as they move forward in life.

I deal with people who do not practice the art of humility on a daily basis and I see how people react to them. They are often not well-liked among others because of their actions. On the other hand,I also witness humbleness and humility often from the people around me and it gives me “hope” that people like this, those that recognize others and do not only focus on their own lives and accomplishments, are out there to be role models. I’m humbled daily by the people around me, especially my own children and family, as well as the people I work with. I’ve accomplished wonderful things in my life, but try to keep it in perspective, knowing that I can always improve.

The quote form Mother Theresa below gives us some ways to practice humility in our daily lives. Her words help me reflect on my actions and remind me of the importance of humbleness.

“These are the few ways we can practice humility:
To speak as little as possible of one’s self.
To mind one’s own business.
Not to want to manage other people’s affairs.
To avoid curiosity.
To accept contradictions and correction cheerfully.
To pass over the mistakes of others.
To accept insults and injuries.
To accept being slighted, forgotten and disliked.
To be kind and gentle even under provocation.
Never to stand on one’s dignity.
To choose always the hardest.”
― Mother Teresa, The Joy in Loving: A Guide to Daily Living

What makes you feel humble or how do you practice humility in your life?

Thing That GiveYou Goosebumps


When my oldest son was growing up, he loved to read the books and watch the show “Goosebumps”. Some of the stories freaked me out, but many were pretty interesting. Getting goosebumps is a physical reaction to an event, hearing a story, or feeling an emotion that makes tiny bumps appear on your arms and legs. For me, it’s accompanied by a chill that travels up my spine.

Some things that give me goosebumps are:
1. When I hear a story of something that happened to a person in real life that is horrible or unbelievable.
2. My husband telling me he loved me for the first time.
3. Anytime I’m cold.
4. Someone telling me a scary story, even if I know it isn’t real. I’m a chicken sometimes, actually a lot.

What are some things that cause those tiny little bumps to appear on your skin?

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